LAW Magazine

LAW (Lives and Works) is an independent bi-annual magazine based in London. LAW is concerned with documenting the overlooked and portraying the beautiful everyday, giving people a sense of belonging and recognition. We visited LAW studios in Hackney and photographed Editor-in-Chief John Joseph Holt and Creative Director Joseph Prince in their working space. Photographs by Jack Johnstone.

Naranjo Etxeberria Studio

Miguel Naranjo and Diego Etxeberria are the founders of Spanish design studio Naranjo Etxeberria. Based in Madrid, Miguel and Diego work in different fields – ranging from art direction to branding – and are responsible for Cookbook, a magazine inviting a new artist in each issue to curate a selection of recommendations in music, literature, cinema and art. To find … Read More

Studio: Mr. Simon

Recently we were introduced to the work of Valencia-based independent graphic and product design studio Mr. Simon.  In the words of its founders “the purpose of Mr. Simon is to develop projects based on a solid concept, considering that aesthetics are also important“. With a simple and synthetic approach, Mr. Simon uses experimentation as a tool to explore innovative communication … Read More

Bookshelf: Garoa

Garoa is a bookstore founded in Zarautz, in the Basque Country, northern Spain. It doesn’t only focus on selling books but offers alternative activities like concerts and art exhibitions to bring more traffic through the door and get more people interested in ‘analog’ reading. Garoa is a really creative business and the team running the store is truly multidisciplinary – in the … Read More

Studio & Shop Visit: Common People

A couple of weeks ago, Barclaycard Freedom Rewards contacted us to invite us shopping at one of the local businesses in our city. We chose Common People, a Scottish menswear label which just opened its first flagship store in Edinburgh last August. Common People was founded 3 years ago by Kestin Hare, former Head of Design of English label Nigel … Read More