What Does it Take to Become an Automotive Designer?

Getting into automotive design is a great way to transform your love of automobiles into a very lucrative and rewarding career. However, you should know that it’s not an easy career path, and only a few make it. But, if you sincerely think you have the skills, passion, and determination needed, then this is definitely something you could consider. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become an automotive designer.

The Skills

No matter how much you love and think you know about cars, there is a certain set of skills that you’ll actually need if you want to have a chance. First, you will need to have strong maths and science skills. You also need to have an eye for aesthetics, and good spatial reasoning skills. Problem solving will also be needed, as you’ll have to know how to reconcile design elements with technical limitations. Automotive designers also need to be creative, with good communication skills as they’ll usually work as part of a team.

Education and Experience

Know that you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree in product or automotive design to work as an automotive designer. You should also know that there are things that you can do to develop basic skills before you start. 

One of the options, for instance, would be to work in body repair or start your own body repair shop. Those who have body repair experience are often able to see possible design issues better than those who’ve never been on the ground, as they have extensive knowledge of common design flaws in vehicles.

If you decide to start your own shop, it would be wise that you start informing yourself on operating costs, and things like motor trade insurance, for instance. You can do some online research to compare a multitude of different suppliers and help you find the best deals on motor trade insurance. You can apply directly from the linked site the minute you find a quote. They’ll also allow you to take out a policy over the phone, and will facilitate the whole process for you.

Finding Employment

There are many things that you could do to get a position as a designer once you complete your studies. One of the ways is to find an internship. Someone may end up seeing your work and consider you for a starting position. If you want to stand out, ask pertinent questions, always complete your tasks and try to network with your peers. 

Another thing you should do is build a portfolio with some of your designs. You want to make your design specific to different brands, and show that you understand their corporate look. You have to be aware of the different styles and design types of every company, and show that your designs could actually work for them.

Working as an automotive designer could be like a dream come true for anyone with a genuine love for automobiles. Make sure that you look at what will be required of you, and inform yourself as to what the job actually entails before you embark on your path.

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