Estefania Clotti

Estefania Clotti is an Argentinian artist creating colourful drawings and paintings filled with different characters and inspired by social reality and her own platonic universe. We chatted with Estefania to find out more about her work, background and future plans. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and education. My name is Estefania Clotti … Read More

Kristin Texeira

Kristin Texeira is an oil painter originally from Massachusetts. From her studio in Brooklyn, Kristin creates abstract colourful paintings to capture, document and preserve memories. We chat with Kristin to find out more about her earliest memories of painting, the influence of colour in her work and what happens on a normal day at her studio. Studio photographs by … Read More

Evie Cahir

We recently discovered the work of Evie Cahir, a Melbourne-based illustrator who has worked for clients the likes of Vice and Neon Magazine and is inspired by drawing on public transport. Evie says that there isn’t a technique as such in her work. She simply layers coloured pencils, applies weak watercolour washes and peels off strips of masking tape until … Read More

Interview: Oamul Lu

Oamul Lu is a Chinese illustrator whose colourful, adorable drawings and animations have been shared all over the internet in the past few months. We were lucky to meet Oamul during his recent trip to the UK a couple of weeks ago. He had just arrived in Edinburgh after spending a few days in London and was ready to explore the Highlands … Read More