Studio Visit: Emily Millichip

For a while now, we’ve been wanting to visit Emily Millichip’s studio. We met this Edinburgh based designer at the Stitch Lounge and really liked her aesthetics and the bright fabrics she uses in her designs. Emily’s studio is based at the Art’s Complex, which used to be a colossal office space now converted into studios for local artists, designers and … Read More

Shop in Edinburgh: Life Story

Edinburgh is not a city with a great variety of concept stores. When it comes to independent places hosting a nicely curated selection of high-class products from designers and creatives from across the globe, only few come to mind. This is the case of Life Story, a concept store owned and run by designers and partners in life Fee and Adam Storey. It … Read More

Shop: Paper Aeroplane & Ziggy Sawdust

On Friday we went to celebrate the first birthday of Paper Aeroplane & Ziggy Sawdust! Two young designers, Amy Dolan and Fiona Purves, brought their products together to reflect on the exciting year both businesses have had, and also act as a way to start their second year of trading on a positive note.  If you’re in Edinburgh make sure you visit … Read More

Ziggy Aeroplane

Two young designers, Amy Dolan and Fiona Purves, are bringing their products together and hosting a Pop-up Shop in Edinburgh, to celebrate their businesses’ first birthdays. Amy rescues old, forgotten pieces of vintage furniture and gives them a new lease of life through lots of TLC and fun blocks of colour. Fiona is the owner of stationery business Paper Aeroplane. Inspired by … Read More

Alex Gibbs at Superclub

Alex Gibbs, currently exhibiting at Superclub gallery in Edinburgh, is the topic of this short documentary film by Adrienne Childress. The exhibition, Rich Living and Sunny Life, is a large collection of works on paper (and other suitably insubstantial materials), presenting a paradoxical co-existence of a naive utopia and sinister dystopian society. This environment is explored through paint, pencils and wax … Read More