Bleu de Chauffe x Calepino

We recently talked talked about leather accessories label Bleu de Chauffe and their collaboration with brush manufacturer Andrée Jardin. The French brand has now teamed up with one of our favourite notebook manufacturers, Calepino, to create Portfolio, a set of 3 memo notebooks protected by a tanned vegetable leather cover. Both companies are passionate about good design and craftsmanship, so … Read More


ODE TO A is a new London based design label founded by brand manager Noëlle Maxine Tierie and designer Sabrina Kraus López. The idea behind the label took shape after Sabrina travelled to Peru to learn from and work with the remote weaving community of Patacancha. Upon her return to London, Sabrina met Noëlle and started working on ODE TO … Read More

Enrich and Endure

Enrich and Endure is a new Irish linen and wool homeware company started by creative brother and sister duo Lorcan and Sarah Quinn from County Down, Northern Ireland. Growing up in the centre of what was once the beating heart of the Irish linen industry, Sarah and Lorcan revive their region’s heritage while simultaneously pushing it towards an entirely new … Read More

Shop: Harrison & Fyfe

Harrison & Fyfe is menswear online store, stocking a great range of quality accessories. Harrison & Fyfe launched just one month ago and are based here in Scotland, so we thought about showing some local support and we ordered a couple of things! It was a difficult choice with all the great products available at the store , but we finally … Read More