Bookshelf: Curious Site

We’re very proud to be featured in Curious Site, a book published by Seoul-based bookshop and publishing house Your-Mind. The Internet is full of distractions and this book aims to archive several websites and blogs with a clear purpose and topic. We’ve been featured among other great sites like Where They Create by Paul Barbara or One Minute Wonders. Find … Read More

Bookshelf: Métier, Small Businesses in London

Métier, Small Businesses in London, is a book by Laura Braun about small-scale independent and specialist businesses in the capital and the people who run them. In a time when the high streets of London are taking on a more and more corporate character, this book offers an unusual and interesting perspective on the city and an insight into the working … Read More

Bookshelf: Garoa

Garoa is a bookstore founded in Zarautz, in the Basque Country, northern Spain. It doesn’t only focus on selling books but offers alternative activities like concerts and art exhibitions to bring more traffic through the door and get more people interested in ‘analog’ reading. Garoa is a really creative business and the team running the store is truly multidisciplinary – in the … Read More

Bookshelf: Sometimes Always

Sometimes Always is a multidisciplinary and independent project run by London-based Gabriel Finotti. On its website, Sometimes Always  is described as a “partial report of a generation made from the perspective of individuals who somehow belong to it and share the same doubts and anxieties.” The online platform publishes bilingual content (English and Portuguese) divided into different categories but with … Read More