Sustainable Travel: School Initiatives in 2023

If you are the parent of a teenager, school breaks can be a challenge to organise and if you and your partner both work, your son or daughter has a lot of downtime. Enter sustainable travel expeditions, where UK students visit a European country, yet this is travel with a difference; the students are shown how to calculate CO2 emissions for every form of transport.

Carbon Emissions

This is the key factor of all travel and in order to be sustainable, you have to find out how much carbon the trip will generate and every one of the many student trips to Europe reduce more emissions than it generates, which is ‘climate positive’. Once the students know the amount of emissions, they look for ways to reduce that; every student plants at least 5 trees on every expedition, while the group leader is in a support role, as the students plan every aspect of the trip. This knowledge can be used in daily life and each student promises to educate at least 3 of their family and friends, spreading the word to include all generations.

Eco-Friendly Expeditions

Sustainable travel expeditions involve engaging the students in green initiatives, offering eco-friendly solutions by working with local environmentalists. A project might include helping to set up solar panels to provide power for the local community; tree planting is one focus’ the tour operator has alliances with all the green groups in Europe and you can choose a tour that is right for your child. Click here for sustainability solutions in Antwerp.

Challenging & Stimulating

When a student joins an expedition, it is hands-on all the way with all students contributing during the planning stage; encouraging students to plan the logistics helps them to understand emissions that are generated by various forms of travel. Learning how to be climate positive when travelling is a very valuable skill to have and this is the future if we are to survive this ongoing climate crisis. There is a leading UK company that organises sustainable travel trips worldwide, with many European destinations that are ideal for the school summer break.

Broadening Student Perception

A trip to a European country will offer a glimpse of another way of life and looking at things; we all need to travel in our early years, as this gives us a balanced view of the world and we can explore other cultures and traditions. Of course, the trip is fun-based and offers many challenges and when the students return home, they have a different outlook and will lead by example, always concerned about carbon emissions.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about sustainable travel expeditions, Google can take you to the UK’s leading sustainable travel trip organiser and you can browse the many destinations in Europe and Asia. Once you find a trip that your son or daughter likes, make an online booking to secure a place in the expedition.

Help your child understand the importance of eco-friendly travel and they will one day thank you for opening a door.

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