Six Delicious Flavors of Herbal Tonic

Did you know that you can drink your way to health? A superfood sparkling tonic from Sunwink, is power packed with plant-based health benefits in every sip. These flavorful tonics are made with supportive herbs that can support your self-care and health efforts.

Easily incorporate liquid goodness into your diet with a simple serving. Promote healthy skin, debloat, detox, and calm – with six delicious flavors of herbal tonic to choose from, everyone is sure to find something to love.


At the end of a hectic day, we look to find ways to alleviate stress. Some of us exercise, read a book, or watch TV, while others may enjoy an alcoholic beverage to unwind. There seems to be a ton of options for energy drinks to keep us alert during the day. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a product to help us relax at the end of our day, without putting us immediately to sleep!

De-stress with Hibiscus Mint Unwind flavored tonic, which boasts hibiscus, mint, and ashwagandha which are known to refresh and relax. Hibiscus contains Vitamin C and is a natural antioxidant. Since one 12-oz serving is only 35 calories, you don’t have to worry about adding a ton of calories to the end of your day. The anti-inflammatory and stress reducing properties of this super tonic are sure to prove effective as well.

To experience a pick-me-up similar to strolling through a garden, you can try the Lemon-Rose Uplift Tonic. The lemon balm and rose ingredients are known to boost a natural up-lift and support good mental health. And once again the antioxidant hero hibiscus completes this tasty tonic.


If you are searching for a healthy alternative to over-the-counter “immunity” supplements, look no further than superfood sparkling tonics. The self-care flavors not only taste great, they provide seasonal protection.

Immunity Berry Tonic tastes like berries with a hint of ginger, and is packed with ingredients to help keep your immunity strong. Elderberry will give it a boost and is also known to be an anti-viral. Gogi berry probably adds to the delicious flavor, but also aids with immune support. Blueberries, the king of superfoods, is nutrient dense and packed with antioxidants.

Now, let’s shine a light on the health issue we never talk about – digestion. Although it’s not usually the first topic to come up at dinner parties, a healthy digestive system is crucial to overall physical health. It is often neglected but remains one of the most important aspects of our diet. Superfood Digestion Lemon Tonic can help restore digestive balance and debloat.


All of us benefit from a good detox now and then. Sunwink’s Detox Ginger is loaded with the best detox ingredient of all time – ginger. It too is known for its digestive support, and let’s face it, ginger just tastes amazing! This herbal tonic also helps digestion with dandelion root and the antioxidant burdock root.

If you aren’t a fan of ginger, have no fear – Turmeric Recover to the rescue! This awesome herbal tonic has ginger too, but the main ingredient, turmeric, takes center stage. Famous for being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich, this superfood is compared to a “post work-out stretch.” It just tastes great and is an excellent drink for activity recovery.

There are several undeniable health benefits to incorporating superfoods into your diet. Sparkling herbal tonics have made the process super easy, by providing plant-based super ingredients in six delicious flavors and counting!


The best part about the six delicious flavors of herbal tonics are their versatility. They can be used as mixers in your favorite cocktail or as complete substitute to alcohol completely!

Try Lemon-Rose Uplift Sparkling Tonic for a cheery holiday mimosa. Or, whip out some Lychee Syrup to mix with this one for a delicious vodka martini. Virtually any mixed drink would be a perfect way to incorporate a little superfood power to your evening.

If you’re feeling a little daring without the alcohol, mix Detox Ginger Tonic with some blackberries and pomegranate juice. This is a delightful non-alcoholic creation that is bound to be a conversation starter. You can also make a Hibiscus Mint Mojito Mocktail with a little club soda and garnish with some mint and you won’t miss the spirits one bit!

With six delicious flavors of superfood herbal tonics, the combinations are endless! There is no easier way to incorporate healthy ingredients to your diet then by simply drinking them. Herbal tonics are a fantastic way to keep your self-care and wellness on track with a busy lifestyle.

Enjoy the convenience of superfoods herbal tonics while taking advantage of all their benefits. De-stress, recover, and even celebrate with flexible superfood ingredients found inside sparkling herbal tonics, and drink your way to health.

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