Sail and Celebrate: yacht journeys to party havens

Party holidays are a popular option for groups celebrating special occasions like milestone birthdays and anniversaries. Exploring by sea gives you a unique view of your destination, total peace and privacy, sensational views throughout, and plenty of varied activities to keep everyone entertained.  Discover the island destinations that are worthy of a yacht charter for your group so you can … Read More

The Role of Green Spaces in Promoting Wellbeing

Many of us know that getting out and about in green spaces can help us feel a bit better, but do we always understand exactly why? With the recent national plan to increase tree cover in towns and cities across the UK, there’s a growing focus on the power of green spaces to improve our lives.  This isn’t just about … Read More

What to pack for a business trip overseas

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The Ultimate Guide to Accessible Home Gadgets

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The Best Ways to Switch Up Your Style

 Changing your wardrobe is a small, achievable and positive change that can really make an impact on your life. The key to looking fabulous isn’t just about following the latest fashion trends but designing versatile outfits that stay true to your own unique sense of style.  Style goes deeper than just face value and it helps us express how we … Read More