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Two things drive everything we do and aspire for in life: the desire for love and the search for friendship. We fantasize about a world of coefficients in which we can be ourselves and nothing else. Objects? They shouldn’t have too much influence. Nonetheless, we find mates in objects whose allegiance and magnificence far outweigh that of many individuals. These are the factors that withstand through the ages, not the stuff that is stylish or unavoidably expensive. Many designers are known to be fans of the NOMOS Tangente prototype. People who can construct, determine, and plan may admire clarification, straight lines, and usability more than others due to their discerning eyes.

Award-Winning NOMOS Tangente Sport

With a white dial, sharp, superluminous hour markers telling the time in the dark, bright blue hands, an original bracelet made of 145 hand-screwed parts, and the perfect proportions, NOMOS Glashütte has received yet another honor. This time for its latest model Tangente Sport. Not just any award, mind you. The well-known design prize Red Dot’s jury has awarded the watch its highest honor: Best of the Best.

The watch’s exquisite proportions and splendor are obvious at first glance. And it holds up under scrutiny. Every detail is well presumed out and consistent. Clients can rely on it for “first-class quality.” The NOMOS Tangente Sport is now on display at the Red Dot Design Museum Essen as part of the exhibition “Milestones in Contemporary Design.” The Red Dot Design Museum Essen recognizes itself as a hotspot for the highest level of product design.

The watch was created by a NOMOS in-house project team, who took inspiration from the classic Tangente, one of the most well-known German vintage pieces. The designers meticulously trimmed the watch to sport-appropriate proportions and then set it in motion. On the market for sports models, the Tangente model stands out positively. The watch merely differs greatly, and it is waterproof to 300 meters thanks to a strengthened and slightly domed sapphire crystal, a surgical steel body, and special gaskets. Its case was created to safeguard the neomatik movement DUW 6101, the maker’s self-winding caliber with a distinctive date display. Tangente’s elegance is combined with the requirements of movement in the award-winner. Graceful, automatic, and sturdy, a Glashütte timepiece has it all.

Home of the “Woman of the Year”

Judith Borowski has been with NOMOS Glashütte for many years, and she is in charge of branding and design at the company. She was also recently named “Woman of the Year.” She gives credit to the NOMOS watchmakers, who are particularly worthy of this honor, as well as the Glashütte engineers, toolmakers, and design engineers. They work together to create the wonderful timepieces that make the company what it is.

Similarities in the Details

Matthias Garff is well-known for his butterfly boxes. He has now incorporated NOMOS watches into his compilation, specifically the classics Orion, Ludwig, Tangente, and Tetra. He stated that he notices parallels in the details: insects have perfect modalities that are almost as precise as watches.

Garff’s creatures are made from everyday objects, such as bottle tops for a beetle’s body, candy wrappers for butterfly wings, and pieces of insulated cable for tiny legs. Trash that was once lifeless becomes gorgeous and alive, converting into butterflies, dragonflies, and grasshoppers. The only sensation that can be heard is the mechanical movement of the timepieces. It is art in more ways than one; perfect vintage pieces designed as per Glashütte watchmaking cultures, as well as framed pieces of art.

Values Life

Doctors Without Borders, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, battles the implications of epidemics, natural disasters, and human displacement all over the world. Florian Westphal is the general director of its German segment, rzte ohne Grenzen, which NOMOS Glashütte is assisting with a new limited special-edition Tangomat model. 250 euros from each watch sold goes directly to humanitarian assistance.

Give Your Watch a Break

Even mechanical watches require changes of scenery from time to time. So, of course, your watch joins you on your holiday. Susanne Kloss is the service manager at NOMOS Glashütte. This is where timepieces are kept clean, movements are oiled, seals are swapped, and occasionally this department serves as a sort of clinic, caring for watches with cuts and bruises. Susanne is the company’s “Dr. Kloss” since she understands precisely what a good watch requires. Consultation.

NOMOS timepieces are more durable than you might think. The great watchmaking craft inside is safeguarded by the finest materials, ensuring that your watch can accompany you as you go through your day without issue. Club Sport, Tangente Sport, and Ahoi family watches are especially tough—and prepared for diving, kudos to their screwed-down crown, screwed-down back, and excellent legibility. Depending on the model, these timepieces are watertight up to 300 and 200 meters.

Strapping Stuff

Everyone always talks about the watches, crystal glass, movements, and dial designs, so the watch strap could be an excuse for feeling jealous. Straps, on the other hand, are just as essential! NOMOS Glashütte introduces super-durable, long-lasting stainless steel bracelets that are awesome even when it’s 40 degrees in the shade, ultra-comfortable, and ready to dive into the sea. NOMOS Glashütte offers two stainless steel bracelets. First, is the sports bracelet, which is made of super-slender yet sturdy stainless steel links joined together using a groove/tongue connection. While the other is the finer NOMOS bracelet, which is an elegant alternative to leather.

The clasps on these bracelets are relatively exceptional. The NOMOS bracelet has an exquisite slide clasp that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the bracelet length. The length of the sports bracelet can be modified by adding or removing individual links. For small adjustments, such as accommodating slight changes in wrist circumference, simply use the deployment clasp’s fine adjustment pinholes.


NOMOS Glashütte is one of the world’s most cherished young watch brands for its in-house movements, modern architecture, and powerful value. Even after being much younger than its peers in Glashütte, Nomos has had a disproportionately large impact on the watch market. With the given features, you must consider adding watches from this brand to your collection.

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