Flint, the urban revolution arrives on Kickstarter

Starts the crowdfunding campaign to support the perfect glasses to live the cities through the two  gestures that are changing them: walking and cycling  

In the past, revolutions came about through battles, blatant gestures, great ideas that were  sometimes too abstract. Nowadays revolutions come through concrete actions Small gestures  that we make in our daily lives: what food we consume, what clothes we buy and where, what  accessories we choose and even how we move.  

Flint, with its products, wants to promote and represent an entire movement: that of the new  urban mobility. The movement of those who can’t stand having inherited a world transformed into  a prison of cement and smog and who want to change it through two daily gestures: walking and  cycling. 

Imagine yourself in traffic inside your narrow and uncomfortable car, stressed and late as always,  maybe your back hurts. The only thing you will see is the license plate of the car in front of you,  which, like a spring, moves away and comes closer.  

At that point a young man on a bicycle whizzes past you. He is fashionable but not flashy, he has  a relaxed but determined look, he smiles with his headphones on; you don’t know if he is  listening to music or talking to someone. He certainly doesn’t seem disturbed by the inferno of  horns and clutches that surrounds you. 

It may have happened to you. It’s the change driven by new habits and all those everyday  objects that make it possible. . Objects that become the symbol of a silent revolution, made of  actions and few words. The revolution that Flint, the eyewear brand that landed on Kickstarter  with the motto of “true activism is to be active”, wants to bring forward. 

The design of Flint glasses, is designed so that they can be used daily by merging style and  performance. . The evergreen shapes are enriched by a double set of interchangeable temples:  one straght, for quieter moments, the other curl, for when you need speed and fast movements.  

This is Flint’s manifesto: to be urban adventurers, with a different outlook from the past. Because  the imperative is “Pedal. Don’t drive. Run. Don’t be in a hurry. Be active. Don’t just be present.” 

A metropolitan revolution through new and consistent actions and styles. 

The Flint campaign has just started on Kickstarter and will last for 30 days. 15 thousand euros is  the goal to realize a project that is an icon of a metamorphosis already underway and of which  Flint wants to be an essential experience.


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