Five reasons to get a smart meter installed

Having a smart meter in your home could be a great idea, especially in the current climate. With more and more people working from home, you may need to start looking more closely at ways to save money on your energy bill, and consider insulation services like those provided by Danford, Brewer & Ives. We’ve put together five reasons why you should get a smart meter in your home. 

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Accurate reading


Why would you want to pay more than you need to? With a smart meter, your energy supplier will receive accurate readings directly so you will only pay for what you’ve used. It’s a great way to avoid being overcharged or having a bad surprise in the coming months. It’s also very handy as you don’t have to give monthly meter readings to your supplier, your smart meter does it for you automatically. 

Save money


We could all do with a little extra cash this year. Smart meters can definitely help you with that, in fact, they can track patterns in your gas and electricity usage and help you find out where and how you can make savings. Certain suppliers like  also provide you with a monthly report with graphs and charts to get a comprehensive explanation of your spending. 

Good for the environment


On top of being good for your wallet, smart meters are a great way to help the planet. Firstly, they push customers to take a closer look at their electricity and gas usage and therefore encourage them to reduce their consumption. Secondly, having a direct overview of how much the population is using in terms of energy could help the government to transition safely to renewable energy.  

A smart home


In the near future, everything in your home will be “smart” enabling you to have full control over your appliances and the same goes for your electricity and gas use. Having a smart home is great because it’s so convenient, it allows you to keep an eye on every aspect of your home while saving money and energy. 

More options


When choosing a smart meter, you would be given more exclusive offers from your supplier. As we move to a greener future, smart meters are becoming more and more popular with around 14 million smart meters currently installed. In fact, most of the best and cheapest energy deals out there generally require a smart meter. Investing in one could save you more than £291 a year.

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