What Elements Are Present In A Circle?

Introduction: Circles are a very common shape that we see around each other. It is a topic that is often used in the field of Mathematics to represent different properties. To draw a circle you need to point out a locus from a point. This locus should have the same distance from that point in all directions. One of the major features of this figure is that it is 2D. If a line passes through the center, it will divide the circle into two halves. These are some important parts that you should know before studying about unit circle

  • Center: This is a fixed point that is present in the middle portion. This is what you will need before drawing a circle in a graph. You can represent it with an equation as well. In this equation, the coordinates of the center will play an important role. 
  • Radius: It is the line that connects the center with one point on the circumference. The radius of a circle remains constant no matter which point you take. It is what you will get in question to know the exact shape of the circle. All the calculations and measurements depend on the value of the radius in a circle. 
  • Diameter: This is the most important portion as it divides the entire circle. The halves are equal in size as the diameter passes through the center. To know its value you just have to multiply the radius by two. It has two parts that you can point out. If you take one part then it will rise from a particular edge to the center. The other point originates from the center and traverses towards the circumference. 
  • The concept of the circumference: This is the value that you will get when you measure the boundary of a circle. It is the perimeter that has the same characteristics as the locus. It is just the external portion that you can visualize when you notice a circle. To calculate this you need a fixed formula. People can also use a thread but in your exam, you should use the formulae. The formula is 2 * 3.14 * r that you can see in textbooks as well. Here 3.14 is the value of Pi that is a universal constant. It is an element that you will need when you consider the calculations of a circle. ‘R’ is the short abbreviation of the word radius that you need for the solution. 
  • The major and minor arcs: Arcs are nothing but the portion of a circumference that you can see. To create an arc you need to join two points in a circle. After this, the circle gets split into separate parts. This is what the physical meaning of an arc is. One of them will be bigger than the other in usual cases. In the situation of a diameter, the arc can be depicted of the same lengths. 
  • Sector: This is the physical representation of the division of the circular place. When two points are connected the circle has to have two planes. You will get two circular parts that get created automatically. The majority of the time you will have to deal with the calculations in the minor sector. 
  • Chord present in a circle: These are the lines where the endpoints sleep on the circumference itself. It does not pass through the circle generally. The only situation where this happens is when you draw the diameter. 

Circles have numerous properties that kids need to understand. You need a good stage such as the Cuemath classes to clear all these concepts. It has an exceptional track record in teaching math and coding.


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