CreativeMornings/Edinburgh: Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond is a service designer, graduated from Glasgow School of Art. She runs Snook, an award winning service design agency based in Glasgow, specialising in creating exceptional customer experiences.

Not intentionally, Sarah also became one of the co-founders of CycleHack, a global movement with a mission to tool up citizens to take a pro-active, DIY approach to make cycling easier, more accessible and fun. Hacks created in 25 participating cities can be searched in an open catalogue – some of our favourite design solutions include Penny in Yo Pants, allowing woman to cycle in skirts, and Stack Rack, a more efficient way of parking your bike on the street.

Sarah was the last speaker at CreativeMornings/Edinburgh. In her brilliant talk, Sarah spoke about design as a non-violent way of creating a revolution. Whatever the challenge, she believes in the power of inspiring people with design tools to take change into their own hands and take on the world.

As part of the CreativeMornings/Edinburgh team, we filmed Sarah’s talk. Get inspired watching her presentation below!

Photos by John Duncan

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