How to Choose the Best Generator Sales Company in Canada

Ensuring that your industry prepares for blackout emergencies is very essential. When there is a sudden interruption of power, your business will lose money and valuable time. For this reason, it is wise to choose a power generator for your business.

A generator gives enough electrical power that is needed to keep an industry running. You can choose to buy or rent it depending on your budget and circumstances. If you choose to get this equipment from just any store, your business might bear some financial consequences. So, it is best and safe to choose a licensed professional company that deals with this power generation equipment.

Regardless of where your company is located, you must make sure that you choose a contractor that engages in high-quality generator sales and knows how to install the equipment efficiently. Choosing right will save your business a lot of maintenance and repair costs that might occur with a wrong choice.

To help you with this decision-making, let’s discuss some vital factors to consider when choosing this firm.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Generator Sales

The following are some factors to consider:

Do They Have References?

You wouldn’t be the first person to request the services of this firm. Past customers would have something to say about their services. You can ask the company for these references or you may check on its website for it. These references will give you added knowledge on what to expect from the firm.

You can also use external review websites like Better Business Bureau for this information. You will find ratings that are credible and trusted on the website. If you would like to know how to use Better Business Bureau site, check here: 

How Long Have They Been in the Business?

Most contractors fail a few years into the business. This happens due to poor installation services or poor quality equipment. It could also be due to constant customer complaints about their poor attitude towards work. The company you choose must have an excellent record for its customer service, its equipment, and its installation work. 

Are They Licensed?

The firm must have a license to operate in its location. Its team of skilled technicians or contractors must have a valid license. You can check the status of the license online. If it has expired, you shouldn’t choose the vendor. A license means that the firm has met all the right qualifications like financial solvency, a working insurance policy, and applied industrial standards.

Are They Insured to Install the Generator?

Like any high-risk work, this company must have liability insurance. This will exempt you from bearing the cost of any accidents or hazard that occurs because of the power generation equipment. If the firm does not have insurance, it is best to not buy from it. If you would like to know more about this insurance policy, read this article.

Can They Handle Any Power Generation Equipment?

There are several types of generators that you can choose for your business. This is based on the fuel type. We have the renewable and non-renewable types. Renewable sources are nature-based like water, wind, and solar. While non-renewable sources are very common but come with their benefits and cons. If you want a renewable generator, go for a company that offers such sales. 

How Much Would it Cost?

Many items are needed for a full power generation equipment installation. A professional firm would provide the equipment and would have a team of electricians/technicians that can carry out complex installation procedures. A good power generator sales firm will ask for your budget and provide a piece of equipment and installation process that will suit that budget.

Would Permits be Needed?

Permits are commonly requested before any project in many areas. A good company will explain the permits of your location to you in simpler terms. It would also help you meet up to the regulatory standards. Since not all contractors help with permits, ensure that the one you choose does.

Will They Perform Preventive Maintenance on the Generator?

This power equipment requires annual maintenance that ensures it is working perfectly fine. Most times the installer might not help you maintain the equipment. However, a good generator sales firm will provide a generator maintenance plan for you, even before you buy the machine.


To make the right choice, ensure that you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind when looking for a power generator sales company.

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