How Can PPC Drive More Leads?

Pay-per-click (PPC) continues to grow in popularity across many industries because it is a cost-effective advertising strategy that produces fast results. Law firms looking to drive more leads that will ultimately become customers have a lot to gain from lawyer PPC

However, PPC advertising can also fail to provide the desired results despite using up your campaign budget. This happens when the largest share of visitors are clicking on your ad but not taking the expected action. At the end of the day, your business only reaps the real benefits of PPC if you are getting more leads that convert to clients.

So, how can you improve PPC marketing to bring in more leads that convert?

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Keyword Research and Expansion

PPC charges an amount for each keyword. Due to this, you need to ensure that you are getting a good return on investment from each keyword. Update keywords regularly by reviewing individual performance and filtering out the underperforming ones. 

Remember to include negative keywords for searches that you do not wish to bid on. Additionally, if your services are limited to a particular geographic area, using local keywords such as “car accident lawyer Atlanta” will also bring in more quality leads.

Test New PPC Platforms

Search engines are the most popular PPC ad space providers by far. However, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have also introduced their own PPC platforms. With their fair share of daily users, testing your campaign on a new platform can bring in a new set of clients.

Start by determining where most of your customers are found and set a budget. If you don’t see significant results after a while, consider trying other available platforms until you find your perfect match for PPC advertising.

Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

PPC platforms provide a list of handy ad extensions. These are add-ons that allow advertisers to display additional helpful information about their business. Popular ad extensions to include in your lawyer PPC are business hours, direct contact address, sitelink extensions, customer reviews, and location details. 

Ad extensions offer additional value to prospective clients, which suggests an active presence. This improves the click-through-rate (CTR).

Improve Landing Pages

Your landing pages have significant influence on the prospective client’s purchase decision. Test your page’s load-time on different devices to secure more conversions. If your firm serves clients from different regions, create customized pages for each local area and target audience.

When designing the landing page, ensure that you provide important information only while adhering to the “one CTA per page” rule above the fold.

It is also equally important to include relevant copy that best represents the services you are trying to sell. If you are too busy to come up with converting copy, consider hiring an expert copywriter.

Test Different Group Campaigns

PPC platforms have unmatched targeting options. Take advantage of this feature to create personalized PPC campaigns by segmenting your audience. Each category of consumers has different pain points that your service solves. As such, a one-size-fits-all campaign will not be effective enough to bring in quality leads. 

Next, set up each group campaign with customized ads, personalized landing pages, and relevant keywords. This way, you are assured of reaching a plethora of different leads searching for similar services.

Raise Your Bid Amount

When you are first venturing into PPC advertising, it is normal to begin with a low bid amount. However, as you begin to reap the benefits of PPC, raising your bid amount will drive more leads. This is because PPC ad platforms like Google Ads consider bid amounts when awarding the top search entries.  




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