What To Do When Your Blog Takes Off

So, you’ve been working hard on your blog, gaining fans, followers, readers, and you’re making some money – your blog has finally taken off. So what do you do now? Well, the work is not over, now the key is to keep it going and to build on your success, so how do you do this? What are the next steps, and what should you do once your blog takes off?

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First of all, you need to recognise what you have achieved and celebrate. You have worked hard; you’ve done a good job and achieved your goal. This isn’t something that should go uncelebrated, and while it’s good to be looking forward and working on the next step, you also need to celebrate your achievements along the way and give yourself a pat on the back. Enjoy yourself, kick back and relax, treat yourself and then get back to the hard work again.

Use your platform for good

Now that you have a platform – a little corner of the internet, that is yours, use it for a good cause. Whether you want to raise awareness for something close to your heart or you can help out local causes by using your connections and giving them a voice, do whatever it is you can to make a difference and support those who need it. 

Invest back into your business

Now that you’re making money off your blog, it’s easy to want to spend it and enjoy your earnings. However, the smartest thing to do now would be to invest back into your business. Upgrading equipment, investing in a cheap VPS so that your readers have a better experience on your site or learning about how to take your blog to the next step are all beneficial ways to spend your money and put back into your business. 

Create a maintenance plan

Even if you’re not ready to look at the next step just yet, then it’s important that you create a maintenance plan to keep your blog going at the level it is now. 


What else can you do now? Could you teach other people how to have a successful blog? Could you host talks and workshops that people will pay for? Is there anything relating to your blog and what you talk about that you could sell? For example, if your blog focuses on mental health, could you sell bags and mugs with positive messages on? Could you write a book? Could you start vlogging? There are plenty of options which complement blogs, and having a successful blog makes them a lot easier to do. 

Get help

If you do feel like taking a break or easing off a bit so that you can work on something else, then try getting some help to keep your blog ticking over. There are plenty of writers and content agencies out there who could write blogs for you so that your site is kept up to date, but it also frees up your time. 

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