5 Pergola Add-Ons and Accessories To Consider Installing

A pergola can be a beautiful addition to any backyard, providing shade and style. But a plain pergola structure alone doesn’t necessarily make for an ideal outdoor living space. To create a pergola setting you’ll really enjoy, it’s important to think about enhancing the space with useful accessories and add-ons. The right pergola attachments can transform the space from basic to extraordinary. They allow you to customize both the form and function of your pergola to perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle.

A homeowner might consider aiming for a 12×20 pergola – large enough to be highly usable without occupying too much backyard space. The best 12×20 pergola accessory options to consider that can take your outdoor oasis to the next level are listed below.

1. Pergola Curtains

One of the best pergola accessories you can add is curtains. Pergola curtains allow you to control the amount of shade and privacy your pergola provides. On sunny days, you can draw the curtains to provide cooling shade. On cooler days when you want light and warmth, you can open the curtains fully or partially. Curtains also allow you to divide your pergola into different functional spaces or hide things like pool equipment. Many types of curtains are available, including burlap, canvas, mesh screens, and solar shade screens.

2. Arbor and Vine Plantings

For natural shading and beauty, plant climbing vines or arbors at your pergola posts. Plants like grapes, wisteria, jasmine, and passionfruit vines can form stunning flowering displays along your pergola structure. You can also plant arbors like climbing roses or clematis to adorn the posts and beams. The plants will grow up and overhead across your pergola, providing natural dappled shade. Be sure to research the best plants for your climate.

3. Pergola Lighting

One of the best ways to enhance evening enjoyment of your pergola is to add lighting. String lights or lanterns hung from your pergola beams create a magical glow for evening dinners, parties, or relaxing. For more ambient light, install recessed ceiling lights or post-mounted lights on your pergola posts. Go for elegant fixtures that complement your pergola style, or playful options like hanging wire sphere lights. Consider LED lights for brightness, efficiency and longevity.

4. Overhead Fans

On hot and humid days, overhead ceiling fans can make sitting in your pergola much more comfortable. High-powered outdoor ceiling fans can circulate the air and make it feel noticeably cooler. Most outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand weather exposure and have protective coverings over motor housings. They have adjustable fan speed and pitch settings to control airflow. Install overhead fans centered within your pergola to maximize comfort.

5. Storage Solutions

Add functionality to your pergola by incorporating storage solutions. Install shelving, cabinetry or racks on your pergola posts or underside of beams to hold items like gardening tools, pool towels, cushions and more. For larger storage needs, you can attach an outdoor cabinet to a pergola post. A cabinet with doors keeps items concealed yet easily accessible. For a built-in look, add a recessed storage box inside the pergola structure. Storage solutions help reduce clutter and give everything a place.

With the right combination of accessories, your pergola can provide shade, beauty, and functionality for years to come.  Choose pergola add-ons that appeal to your unique style and needs. With creative accessories, the possibilities are endless! Transform your basic pergola into your ideal outdoor living space.

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