Alex Gibbs at Superclub

Alex Gibbs, currently exhibiting at Superclub gallery in Edinburgh, is the topic of this short documentary film by Adrienne Childress. The exhibition, Rich Living and Sunny Life, is a large collection of works on paper (and other suitably insubstantial materials), presenting a paradoxical co-existence of a naive utopia and sinister dystopian society. This environment is explored through paint, pencils and wax … Read More

Haleh Jamali: Artist / Curator

Haleh Jamali is a multidisciplinary artist working with a wide range of media and techniques that have included painting, video, photography, installation and performance. Jamali was the curator of the Edinburgh Iranian Festival’s visual arts strand in 2013. The exhibition you can see in the film was created around the theme of ‘borders,’ and presented work from international artists alongside contemporary … Read More

Geoff McFetridge at Ivory & Black

  Geoff McFetridge is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles California. This video directed and shot by Joao Retorta, captures the artists setting up his exhibition at Ivory & Bla ck Gallery in London and talking about his main sources of inspiration. Worth having a look!

Future Positive at Stitch Lounge

Last week Future Positive was talking to Carrie Maginn, the producer of Stitch Lounge at Inspace Gallery in Edinburgh! Carrie was talking to us about her project and the future of arts in Scotland! The edit of the documentary started already and here’s a little preview…