The Rules of the Suit

Every man needs a good suit. But is having a good suit enough to make you look good? It will be, as long as you adhere to these very strict rules of wearing a suit. Your Tie Needs To Be The Same Width As Your Lapel If you are never sure which kind of ties to choose with a particular … Read More

Bookshelf: The Monocle Guide to Better Living

 Monocle is one of the most successful magazines to be developed in the past years. Led by editor-in-chef Tyler Brûlé, the magazine inspires a global readership who are interested in everything, from diplomacy to business and design. After a year in the making, Monocle has just published its first book ever – The Monocle Guide to Better Living. Structured into chapters on cities, … Read More

Photography: A Life Transformed

Starting out as a photographer can be a long road. In the beginning, you have a sense that it’s all about the shots and the angles. But later you discover, as you grow in experience, that it’s also about your aspiration and dreams – the stuff of life itself. Here are some of the ways that photography helps to transform … Read More

Video: When the leather maker met the framer

This short film from Milk Bar Magazine, an independent cultural guide to Melbourne, documents a meeting between Sam Huff, the Co-founder and Creative Director of Tanner Goods, and local frame maker Ryan Ward from United Measures. They both work together to come up with a very special artwork combining their interests and knowledge. Ryan’s studio is based at the collaborative space The Compound Interest, which … Read More

Places: The Newsstand

The Newsstand is a project by creative company ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Since June 15 and until September 30, the newsstand in the Metropolitan subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is being utilised as a venue for independent publications curated by Lele Savari of The 8-Ball Zine Fair. The Newsstand stocks titles from independent publishers around the world, including names like Desert Island books, … Read More