Margit Steidl and Roland Dorn are the founders of Graz-based collective ATUEMARÜ. As a parallel project born from their love for bikes, Margit and Roland have started building lamps using rims from found bicycles, resulting in unique designs. Behance Portfolio Photos & Interview by Clara Wildberger Please tell us about your passion for bikes. How did you come up with … Read More

Typodarium Calendar 2016

Typodarium 2016 is a tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandmas used to hang in the kitchen, but this calendar unveils a new font everyday. On the front, the font is prominently displayed, and on the back it’s described in more detail – how it originated, from what or who came the inspiration and where we can obtain the … Read More

Voice Notes: A Tandem Ride with Horst A. Friedrichs

Voice Notes is a short documentary film directed by Montenegro & Lafont and produced by Spanish design and production firm Beta Studio. Voice Notes focuses on the work of photographer Horst A. Friedrichs and, in particular, his book Cycle Style in which Horst documented London’s cyclists and their unique fashion style during 12 months. After a one-time encounter between Montenegro … Read More

La Charrette by Antonin+Margaux

Antonin+Margaux is a Nantes-based graphic design and screen printing studio. Founded in 2011, Antonin+Margaux do client work, have an online shop where they sell their own screen printed products and also run numerous workshops. Their love for screen printing has turned into La Charrette, a project in which they’re planning to transform a bike into a screen printing trailer and … Read More

Minimalissimo Magazine

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first issue of Minimalissmo Magazine is out. Minimalissmo started in 2009 as an online publication championing the best of minimalism, touching on many areas including art, architecture, fashion, graphic, packaging and industrial design. The driving force behind the website and the magazine is Edinburgh-based designer and editor Carl MH Barenbrug. As we read in … Read More