Beckie Parker’s New York City

Beckie Parker is a British knitwear designer who has been living in New York City for the past 5 years. During this time, she’s worked for two iconic NYC-based brands, DKNY and Helmut Lang, and is currently the senior sweater designer at Rebecca Taylor. Beckie is constantly inspired by the technical craft side of knitwear, her love of art, fashion … Read More

Aimée Wilder

Aimée Wilder’s love for design and textiles started at a young age whilst exploring the fashion showrooms where her parents worked. In 2009 Aimée launched her own brand in New York City, first translating her artwork into wallpaper and later expanding into home textiles, hand-made rugs, pillows and other products. We chatted with Aimée to find out more about her … Read More

Web series: Roger, the Chicken

Roger, the Chicken is a web series based on the award-winning short film of the same name. This dry comedy follows an eccentric couple on an existential journey through NYC. Roger is a ‘post-post-hipster who lives his life in a chicken costume and attempts to achieve success in a mundane world’ The original short was shot in 2011 and was awarded in many film festivals around … Read More

Places: The Newsstand

The Newsstand is a project by creative company ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Since June 15 and until September 30, the newsstand in the Metropolitan subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is being utilised as a venue for independent publications curated by Lele Savari of The 8-Ball Zine Fair. The Newsstand stocks titles from independent publishers around the world, including names like Desert Island books, … Read More