Are You Sure You Have Seen All? 3 Breathtaking Performances in Vegas

The fame that is associated with Las Vegas has a global reach and is not about to end. It is for this reason that the city has come to be known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Hard to argue with the logic behind the tag. 

For those who have visited Vegas, they will tell you this is the center of all the fun. If you have not visited the place, Hollywood has done a pretty good job of painting a mental image of what to expect about it. On the other hand, just googling Las Vegas will give you a huge idea of what to expect about the city. 

This reputation has made Vegas a huge tourist destination for those people seeking to have some fun, by far. Among most people, Vegas is associated with gambling and casinos. However, for a place of a popular tourist destination, it is packed with numerous activities.

There is so much for people to do, experience, see, eat, and enjoy. For the mentioned reason, this article is focused on turning your attention away from the casinos. Instead, a focus will be dedicated to some of the live performances you may enjoy while in Vegas. 

The Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas 

It is not a mistake that we have mentioned this particular production company as a full. If you are a lover of thrills, shows by this company will definitely amaze you. They have really redefined the whole live performance experience in Vegas.

There is a mix of street performances, acrobats, circus acts, and musical performances. What are some of their popular spectacles?

The Michael Jackson One

For all the music lovers out there you have the chance to relive the MJ experience again. His mesmerizing music and dance performances are some of the reasons why he is truly the King of Pop. This show surely reminds you of what made him one of the musical legends.

Just like MJ’s performances, the show is packed with a lot of thrilling surprises. There are unbelievable tricks, top of the class acrobatic moves, MJ’s signature dance styles, and amazing hip-hop filled choreography to match the breathtaking music. 

Mike Tan of argues that “the internet allows you to gamble from any place in the world. The blackjack is one of the games you can get to enjoy both online and in one of the high street casinos in Vegas. It is also favored by most amateurs as it has better odds compared to slots”. Therefore, when visiting the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for a game of blackjack, also go and enjoy the Michael Jackson One show. 

Mystere at Treasure Island

If you love a thrill that lasts for long, this is the show you ought to attend. There is a reason that it has been in existence since 1993. You simply cannot get enough of it. 

What the producers have done is played the psychological trick of letting you be the judge of the mystery. Therefore, this is a show that requires no distraction while watching. You would actually be annoyed if someone tried calling you while watching this show.

It is simply an artistic masterpiece that awakens your imagination for the perfect thrill. For this reason, when planning to visit Vegas, check out for discounts on this show. It encompasses comedy, top-flying trampoline performances, trapeze artistry, and hand-to-hand balancing shows and has been recently named one of the best shows in Vegas.  

The Beatles Love Show

You probably have heard of shows that people claim they never get tired of watching. This is one of them. The show is based on the interpretation of the songs of the Beatles. To achieve this objective, there is a combination of the following jaw-dropping performances:

  • Acrobatic moves
  • Urban freestyle dancing
  • Lighting aimed at bringing the right effects and emotions
  • Music that matches the respective performances

The “O” Show by Cirque du Soleil

Ninety minutes can be all the time you need to make your experience in Vegas memorable. The O show available at the Bellagio Casino is worth every coin you pay for it. The show features synchronized swimmers and divers. They are designed to perform a wide range of acrobatic stunts inside, on top and above a huge pool of water. 

By the time this show ends, you will begin doubting the whole scientific concept of gravity. The lighting of this show has been made to create an optical illusion with the huge pool of water. Remember this is still set as the performer’s stage. 

The Absinthe Show

This is one of the top shows in Vegas, which is closely rated to those by Cirque du Soleil. The show is set up outside Caesar’s Palace. The increased popularity of the show actually made the organizers set up a permanent tent for the performance. 

Similar to the Casino itself, the show is a blend of exciting acts that are delivered as one amazing package. Some of the activities included in this show are:

  • Comedy
  • Roller skates
  • Acrobats
  • Sexy music performance
  • Tap dancing

If you have ever been in attendance during these performances, you would probably understand why the Huff Post described it as the greatest show on earth. For starters, this is an adult-only show. Well, you can understand why when you see the performing ladies appearing stripped to their panties. Some of the language during the show is also adult rated.

There is also a reason why you can watch this show on numerous occasions and never get bored. The producers are always scouting talent from every corner of the globe. This makes it possible to always have a surprise package for you every time you attend the show.

The Blue Man Group Show

Have you ever wondered how many marshmallows one man can afford to stuff into his mouth? You will have to attend the Blue Man Group show to find out.

Nearly people of all ages will agree with me that Luxor Las Vegas has managed to host the show that can only be described as one of the classics. The Chicago Tribune lauds it as a show that has managed to blend performance with emotional engagement.

What has kept this show popular for this long is their ability to adapt to the changing trends. It has managed to change for the better because of regular reinvention through adhering to the preferences of its audiences. It is this innovation that has led to the show being described as the centerpiece of an international entertainment empire by the New York Times. 

It is harder not to love this show than to hate it. The storyline is based on trying to understand the nature of human beings and their social evolution.

All along you get to enjoy the humor of electrifying comedy, rock music, and rhythmic lighting to accompany the performances. The show that is highly reliant on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence will leave you wowed.

Even better is the fact that Blue Man Group has started engaging the audience. Its members have also added theatrics and music to accompany their performances. 

Show Time in Las Vegas?

From the analysis above, we can all agree that Las Vegas is a fun-filled destination. You do not have to love gambling to enjoy your stay in Vegas. Buy yourself some tickets and enjoy some of the best shows on offer.

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