Do luxury cruise ships have good slot machines?

Luxury cruises are regarded by many as the perfect way to relax and take some time off while visiting some exceptional places. Unlike a regular vacation where you are stuck in a single place, you get to explore different cities and sometimes countries during your trip. While the luxury cruise ship sails the high seas, tourists are invited to explore the luxurious interior, including their casinos. This is where people can try the thrills of table games, video pokers and hundreds of slots, including classic titles.

A legal way to play games of chance

Residents of countries where gambling is prohibited can have a lot of fun playing casino games aboard the luxury cruise ships. While they are in international waters, they can accommodate gamblers from many countries, because there are no restrictions preventing them from doing so. This form of entertainment is sought after by people who take long vacations and not surprisingly, casinos are full of exciting games. Classic and modern slot machines that can be found in the luxurious land-based casinos have found their way to cruise ships, and also games inspired by online casino slots.

Compared to their online casino counterparts like, the games available on luxury cruise ships can only be played on real money. This means that you can’t try the slots for free in demo format and gamble exclusively virtual currency, as you would at an Internet casino. On the bright side, you can bet tiny amounts to spin their reels and even compete for progressive jackpot slots. Since these are major companies, the casinos they operate on board are perfectly safe and players can expect to be paid on time and in full.

A smaller variety of slots and video pokers

The casino areas on luxury cruise ships are surprisingly large, but they are nowhere near as large as those sported by land-based casinos. This means that even though slots represent a significant percentage of the games available, there are still no more than a few hundreds of games to choose from. With the largest cruise ships accommodating a few thousand people, these should be more than enough to meet the expectations of those who are looking for a little gambling fun.

Luxury cruise ships usually focus on creating a balanced assortment of games and try to make sure that the popular slots are not missing. This means that many of the good slot machines that players love in brick-and-mortar casinos can also be found here. A department in which these floating casinos are lacking is variety, and many of the latest releases are not to be found here. Only a fraction of the games are replaced with newer versions, so the odds of playing the newest slots are rather slim.

The bottom line is that luxury casino ships are unlikely to disappoint casual players who seek a little fun while on vacation. Veteran gamblers and savvy slots fans will probably miss some of their preferred titles, but overall, the floating casinos get the job done.

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